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COVID-19:  Regional Cancer Care Impacts


Provincial Pandemic Planning Clinical Guideline

The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program is aligning the temporary suspension or change in services that are provided in Waterloo Wellington region with Ontario Health – Cancer Care Ontario’s Pandemic Planning Clinical Guideline for Patients with Cancer.  
You can find the current Guideline document here dated March 10, 2020.  (An updated version will become available soon so please check back.)


Temporary Changes to Oncology Services in Waterloo Wellington Region

 Please click here to see the current summary list.



Grief and Bereavement Resources to Support Professionals

 The Ontario Palliative Care Network acknowleges the need for a range of grief and bereavement supports and services during and folloiwng the pandemic that is likely to reach unprecedented levels.  To support health care professionals/formal care providers seeking grief and bereavement resources, the Ontario Palliative Care Network has collated a number of helpful resources in the document which can be found here.  It is divided into two sections:

  1.  Resources to support providers who are involved in providing grief and bereavement support and services to families
  2. Resources to support providers with their own coping and well-being 

 Please share this broadly with your colleagues.  


Guidance for Primary Care Providers Resuming Cancer Screening

Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) has distributed a COVID-19 Tip Sheet #15: Guidance for primary care providers resuming breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening.  This Tip Sheet provides specific considerations for primary care providers as they resume routine cancer screening.
You can read the Tip Sheet #15 here.
Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) will continue to share key information and guidance as it becomes available.

Resuming Cancer Screening Reference Documents

July/August 2020:

Cancer Screening - Gradual Phased Resumption Summary 

Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program has created a summary chart of the above cancer screening services being resumed for your quick review.

You can read the summary here

Summary Guidance for Primary Care Providers Resuming Cancer Screening_2020_08_25

Developed by Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario).  You can read the summary here


Colorectal Cancer Screening & FIT Requisition Update

Information from from Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario).  You can read the summary here.


High Risk OBSP Updates
Read this important update on how COVID-19 has impacted the Waterloo Wellington High Risk Ontario Breast Screening Program. 

October 2020: 

Colorectal Cancer Screening & FIT Kit Update 

Read this update on expanding screening with the FIT to all eligible people at average risk for colorectal cancer. 



Thank you! 

During an incredibly difficult time for all healthcare providers, we appreciate your cooperation and support as we work through the COVID-19 pandemic together, while providing the necessary prioritized care to your patients.  Thank you for your extraordinary efforts during this crisis! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Barbara-Anne Maier, manager of regional cancer programs at 519-749-4370 ext. 6874 or Barbara-Anne.Maier@grhosp.on.ca.  

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