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Genetic counseling

If you would like to refer a new patient to Genetic Counselling at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre or would like more information, please contact the genetic counselling office at 519-749-4370 ext.2832

Referral guidelines are listed on page 2 of the referral form (see link above).


The Cancer Genetics clinic offers a variety of services including:


  • A risk calculation for women age 30-69 to determine eligibility for the High Risk OBSP (breast MRI screening).

  • Comprehensive risk assessment for familial and hereditary cancer, including personalized risk and screening based on family history, personal risk factors, and may include genetic testing for eligible families.

Our genetic counselors at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre speak about genetic mutations linked to breast cancer and provides information on who’s at risk and what they can do.  

If you have referred a patient...

Please note for non-urgent (treatment deciding consultations) referrals, the wait time is currently up to 10 months.  This wait time aligns with other provincial genetic programs. 


If eligible, your patient will be sent a family health questionnaire which must be completed and returned to the genetics office prior to scheduling of their appointment.  If this questionnaire is not returned after 40 days by your patient, your office will be notified to give you the opportunity to follow up with this referral.

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