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Cancer Care Ontario releases update to the Ontario cervical screening guidelines
Message sent on behalf of
Dr. Linda Rabeneck, Dr. Joan Murphy and Dr. Rachel Kupets
Cancer Care Ontario
Dear colleagues,
The Ontario Cervical Screening Program is pleased to provide updated cervical screening guidelines that include recommended intervals for screening in primary care when a woman is discharged from colposcopy and updated recommendations for people with special screening circumstances. 
Updates to the cervical screening guidelines align with the best practice recommendations in the recently released Clinical Guidance: Recommended Best Practices for Delivery of Colposcopy Services in Ontario. Most notably, the use of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing is recommended for women in colposcopy and as a risk stratification tool at point of discharge. An alternative risk stratification algorithm is provided in case HPV testing is not available. 
It is important for family physicians and other primary care providers to note that there is a call for colposcopists to provide specific, individualized and risk-based screening recommendations when a woman is discharged from colposcopy. Specifically:
  • Women at low risk for cervical cancer should return to routine screening every three years with the Pap test in primary care; and
  • Women at elevated risk for cervical cancer, but not in need of colposcopy, should be discharged to primary care for yearly surveillance with the Pap test.
Below are links to documents with more information: 
More information about the updated screening guidelines and additional resources for family physicians and other primary care providers are available at cancercare.on.ca/pcresources. More information about colposcopy services in Ontario is available at cancercare.on.ca/ocspresources. If you have any questions about these clinical best practices or the Ontario Cervical Screening Program, please contact us at 1-866-662-9233 or screenforlife@cancercare.on.ca.
We value your continued support as we work to improve cervical screening and colposcopy services in Ontario. 
Linda Rabeneck MD MPH FRCPC
Prevention and Cancer Control
Joan Murphy MD FRCSC
Provincial Clinical Lead
Ontario Cervical Screening Program
Rachel Kupets MD MSc FRCSC
Lead Scientist
Ontario Cervical Screening Program
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