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Changes to the Waterloo Wellington Breast Centre Surgical Referral Process
Dear Primary Care Providers,
The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program's Breast Diagnostic Assessment Program will be discontinued as of March 20, 2020.
While this program worked in partnership with the Waterloo Wellington Breast Centre (WWBC) at the Freeport campus of Grand River Hospital, the WWBC is NOT impacted by this change.
Following a referral to the WWBC at Freeport, referrals are reviewed and triaged to be seen for a biopsy on a clinic day with a surgeon, or a clinic day without a surgeon:
1) If the patient is seen on a clinic day with a surgeon, the patient   will have repeat imaging, likely have a biopsy completed and see a breast surgeon for consultation the day of their visit.
2) If, at the time of their referral, they were triaged for a non-surgeon clinic day (this can be for a number of reasons), you will be notified about how to proceed if a biopsy was completed and the result was positive.
Barbara-Anne Maier
Manager, Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program
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