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Skin Cancer Pathway - your review is requested
***Sent on behalf of Ontario Health's (Cancer Care Ontario) Disease Pathways Management Program***
The following message is from Dr. Frances Wright, Ontario Skin Cancers Lead:
Dear Colleague,
Disease Pathway Management (DPM) at Ontario Health - Cancer Care Ontario would like to request your assistance in reviewing the newly developed Skin Cancer Pathway Maps.
DPM’s pathway maps are resources that provide an overview of the cancer care continuum, outlining the care an individual in the Ontario cancer system may receive. They represent evidence-based best practice and help to set care expectations across the province. Pathways are developed by a multidisciplinary group of leading Ontario experts who follow an iterative evidence-based development process. Please note that the skin cancer pathway maps are developed to be relevant at a system level and thus designed to cover the most common (80%) clinical scenarios. Details for cases that are rare in clinical practice (relevant to less than 20% of skin cancer patients) were omitted or touched upon at a high level only (e.g. through prompts for discussion at Multidisciplinary Case Conference and/or flagged as “individualized treatment”).
As an active member of the Ontario medical community, please provide us with feedback on these pathways before they are completed and published to the CCO website.
Please do not hesitate to forward this email on to relevant health care professionals who you think would be interested in reviewing these pathways.
How to participate:
1. Please review the PDF documents found here and provide your feedback via e-mail.
2. Feedback on the pathway maps will be accepted until Tuesday March 31, 2020 (likely extended due to COVID-19)
3. Please e-mail all feedback to Katharina Forster (katharina.forster@cancercare.on.ca). Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you and we look forward to receiving your feedback.
Frances Wright
Frances Wright MD FRCS(C)
Ontario Skin Cancers Lead
Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario)
525 University Ave., Toronto, ON M5G 2L7
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