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Grief and Bereavement Resources to Support Professionals
Sent on behalf of Dr. Bob Sauls and Ms. Susan Blacker, Provincial Clinical Co-Leads, Ontario Palliative Care Network
Dear Colleagues,
The need for a range of grief and bereavement supports and services during and following the pandemic is likely to reach unprecedented levels. Many health and social care professionals will be seeking out resources that highlight models or current approaches to this work, or forums that will help them to connect with colleagues who are also working to meet this demand. These individuals may also benefit from access to information, support and other services that help to address the stress and distress they may be experiencing.
To support health care professionals/formal care providers seeking grief and bereavement resources, the Ontario Palliative Care Network has collated a number of helpful resources in the document, which can be found here. It is divided into two sections:
1. Resources to support providers who are involved in providing grief and bereavement support and services to families.
2. Resources to support providers with their own coping and well-being

We ask that you please share this broadly with your local stakeholders.
We will continue to share key information and guidance as it becomes available. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.
Bob and Susan
Robert Sauls MD, CCFP(PC), FCFP
Provincial Clinical Co-Lead, Interim
Ontario Palliative Care Network
Susan Blacker, MSW, RSW
Provincial Clinical Co-Lead,
Ontario Palliative Care Network
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