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FIT Kit Update
***Sent on behalf of Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) Cancer Screening***
As of October 20, 2020, primary care providers can expand screening with the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) to all eligible people at average risk for colorectal cancer.
Due to ongoing COVID-19 safety precautions and potential delays in FIT kit mailing, people may experience delays in receiving a FIT kit. To avoid longer wait times, we ask that primary care providers do not batch fax requisitions. Ongoing fluctuations in COVID-19 cases and local variation in COVID-19 trends are expected.
Primary care providers are encouraged to consider local trends in COVID-19 transmission and local capacity for diagnostic services (e.g., colonoscopy) prior to initiating colorectal cancer screening.
Primary care providers should remember the following when sending in requisitions:
• Include a valid OHIP number with an updated version code
• Ensure the completeness and accuracy of your patient’s mailing address information (including an alternative mailing address for the FIT kit, if applicable)
• LifeLabs will continue to process all FIT requisitions received as fast as possible. If you have recently sent a FIT requisition for your patient, please do not send a repeat order unless at least 4 to 6 weeks have passed and your patient has not already received a FIT kit, as there remains the potential for mailing delays resulting from COVID-19. Sending a duplicate requisition could cause further delays.
Reminder regarding breast cancer and cervical screening
Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) is recommending that routine breast and cervical screening tests be resumed in a gradual manner. As a reminder, primary care providers are encouraged to consider initiating cervical screening at age 25, which is aligned to best evidence.
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