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Transportation Assistance for Oncology Patients
The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)'s Wheels of Hope program have temporarily resumed their partnership with Uber, until funding runs out. Therefore, patients with cancer who identify as needing a ride will need to call Wheels of Hope to register for the Uber service.
Access to CCS Supported Uber Travel
• Patients travelling for treatment or appointments with their cancer doctors from areas where Uber is offered can call the Transportation team at Wheels of Hope to request travel support
• Patients must have access to a mobile phone with data and be comfortable installing and using the Uber app
• Patients will require an email address
• Masks must be worn within the Uber vehicle at all times
• Patients must be able to physically travel on their own
• The one time fee has been waived for Uber travel. This will resume when the volunteer drivers return.
• Require one day notice for Uber service
Consideration will be given for patients who have no other form of transportation, by having their appointments via OTN or over the phone. For patients who need to be at a site receiving cancer care (ie, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre or a hospital in our region), the following process outlines how to access service for your patient.
Patients Requesting Help with Rides: Determining Eligibility
1) Patients who are already registered with Wheels of Hope:
  • Have patients reconnect with Wheels of Hope to resume Uber service.
2) Patients who are not registered with Wheels of Hope:
  • Determine eligibility by screening for need
            • Patient is not able to have their appointment over the phone/virtually
            • Is the patient able to transfer in and out of car unassisted?
            • Have no other access to transportation (i.e., family)?
            • Have financial need?
If yes to all of the above, please direct your patients to call Wheels of Hope at 1-888-939-3333 for assistance.
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