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Research, clinical trials

The Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (GRRCC) recognizes the importance of research in advancing the fight against cancer. Our clinical trials department collaborates with academia, as well as government and private agencies, to conduct clinical trials that contribute to improving cancer care.

Clinical trials offered to patients are reviewed and approved by a research ethics board (REB) before the study starts and then are assessed annually to ensure the ongoing safety of patients in the study. The Tri-Hospital Research Ethics Board (THREB) and/or Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB) provide ethics review of studies conducted at the GRRCC. The data that is collected during a clinical trial must be submitted to, and approved by, Health Canada before a new treatment can be marketed.

Patient participation is voluntary and each clinical trial has very specific rules about who may participate. Clinical trials may provide patients with more treatment options or access to treatments that are otherwise not available. The clinical trials department works with the physicians at the cancer centre to identify patients who may be eligible for a clinical trial. Patients are also encouraged to ask their oncologist whether there is a study that may be right for them.

We conduct clinical trials for systemic therapy, radiation therapy, combination chemo/radiation and symptom control studies.

Current clinical trials at GRRCC

All clinical trials at the GRRCC are listed with The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. For a listing of all GRRCC current trials visit http://www.ontariocancertrials.ca/

For more information on research visit:

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Cancer Care Ontario

For more information on clinical trials at the GRRCC please contact:

Carla Girolametto

Interim Manager, Oncology Clinical Trials

519-749-4370 ext. 2307


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