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In 2007, the provincial government made a commitment to increase early detection and facilitate the effective treatment of cancer with a focus on improving screening rates for these cancers. To accomplish this, the focus to date has been on planning and laying the foundation for implementation of a fully integrated cancer screening strategy for Ontario.


Key elements of the Integrated Cancer Screening (ICS) strategy:

  • Increase patient participation in screening

  • Improve primary care provider performance in screening

  • Establish a high-quality integrated screening system and information management and technology infrastructure.

The integrated cancer screening program focuses on Cancer Care Ontario’s three distinct screening programs: ColonCancerCheck, the Ontario Breast Screening Program and the Ontario Cervical Screening Program. These programs are at different stages of development and maturity and are currently supported by three different information systems.



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For more info, visit The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Cancer Screening Program information

For questions about integrated cancer screening in Waterloo Wellington, contact:

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