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This is an image of a smiling heterosexual couple linking arms looking fondly at each other in front of a brick building with a wooden porch upon which stand a younger man and woman. Survivorship is defined as living with, through, and beyond cancer. By this definition, cancer survivorship begins when a person is diagnosed with cancer. It includes people who:

  • May live with cancer as a chronic disease requiring periodic treatments;

  • Continue to have treatment to either lower the risk of a cancer recurrence; or

  • Manage the disease over a long period of time.

Primary care providers are essential in the follow-up transition of patient care from the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre to the community.

For many survivors of cancer and caregivers, the years after cancer treatment can bring physical and psychological challenges. This includes managing the risk of second cancers, understanding the long-term effects of treatment, and addressing social, physical, or psychological concerns.

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