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What is palliative care?

This is a photo of a healthcare provider and patient sitting together as they look through a chart.The palliative care and pain and symptom management team (PC/PSM) at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (GRRCC) is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary team that provides enhanced patient-centered care to those with advanced cancer.

Patients facing a terminal disease can be confronted with a variety of challenges, ranging from physical, psychological, social and spiritual, while their families are equally impacted. The interdisciplinary team is composed of a variety of specialists including physicians, nurses, dieticians, social work, spiritual care, physiotherapy, and pharmacy.

The Model to Guide Hospice Palliative Care is used at the GRRCC and across the nation as a standardized framework to ensure patients and families receive high quality care by providing common language and principles that guide our work. Access to and delivery of quality palliative care is a right of every Canadian. The team will provide holistic care with a foundation of compassion, respect for patient rights and dignity.

The PSM/PC team operates from the following sites:

  1. GRRCC outpatient clinics
  2. GRH acute care inpatient consultation service
  3. GRH complex continuing care – Freeport Site
  4. KW Hospice Palliative Care Community Program provides ambulatory clinic and home based care
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